Add apps to Meta Quest for Business devices and device profiles

This article is only applicable to admins with relevant permissions.
After you have added an app to Admin Center, then you can add it to Meta Quest for Business device profiles and independently configured devices.
  • For Shared Mode devices, all apps need to be added first to Admin Center. The Meta Quest Store is unavailable for devices in Shared Mode. Apps that require a managed Meta account will not be accessible on Shared Mode devices.
  • For Individual Mode devices, there are some default apps but other apps can also be added via Admin Center. You can also choose to allow or disallow people using a device in Individual Mode to download and purchase apps from the Meta Quest Store.
Add apps to devices and device profiles
  1. Click Devices in the left menu of Admin Center.
  2. Then:
    • If you’re adding an app to an independently configured device, then click the name of the device.
    • If you’re adding an app to a device profile, then click Device profiles in the left menu and then click the name of the device profile.
  3. Click the Apps tab.
  4. Click Manage apps.
  5. Select the apps you want to add, then click Confirm.
If you are adding an app to a Shared Mode device or device profile, then the app will be scanned for compatibility with Shared Mode. There will be a notice informing you of compatibility. If you add an incompatible app to a Shared Mode device, the device may not function properly.
People in your organization can find the apps you’ve added to their device in the For work tab in App Library on their headset.
Choosing appropriate apps
Your organization may allow users 13 years or older (subject to applicable legal requirements) to use devices in Shared Mode. Ensure you choose apps that are appropriate for anyone who may use the device in Shared Mode.
Learn more about creating appropriate experiences for people under the age of 18 using a Meta Quest for Business device in Shared Mode.
Select a single-app experience for Shared Mode devices
If you select a single-app experience for Shared Mode devices, then your chosen app will launch immediately after people have completed intro steps.
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