Meta Horizon profiles in Meta Quest for Business

When a person logs into a Meta Quest in Individual Mode with their managed Meta account for the first time, they need to create a Meta Horizon profile. When creating a Meta Horizon profile, people choose their own username, name, avatar and profile picture.
Meta Horizon profiles let people access blended and immersive reality experiences when using a Meta Quest device. Meta Horizon profiles are social profiles and they define how people appear in VR.
If your organization’s admin deletes your managed Meta account, the Meta Horizon profile you set up for Meta Quest for Business will also be deleted. You cannot delete your own managed Meta account, but you can delete your Meta Horizon profile.
What information can be viewed from your Meta Horizon profile
Meta Horizon profile information – including username, avatar and mutual followers – can be viewed by other people in Meta Horizon experiences, including people outside your organization.
What else is visible depends on your privacy settings.
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