Set up your Meta Quest 2 or Pro for Meta Quest for Business

If you’re not setting up your device for Meta Quest for Business, visit our articles on either setting up your Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest Pro for personal use.
To set up Meta Quest for Business on your Meta Quest 2 or Pro headset, you will first need to activate your Meta account which will be sent to you by your organization via email.
Set up your Meta Quest 2 or Pro headset
  1. Stay seated when you put the headset on.
  2. Ensure your headset is new or has been factory reset if previously used.
  3. Turn on your headset.
  4. Pair your controllers by pressing the trigger buttons on both controllers.
  5. Use the controller to select your preferred language.
  6. Adjust the headset on your face until you can see the screen clearly.
  7. If the screen is blurry, remove your headset and move the lenses left or right to find the clearest view.
  8. Connect to wifi and acknowledge the health and safety video.
  9. Remove the headset and wait for the update. The headset will play a sound when the update is complete and the headset will restart.
Connect your headset to your organization
Do not download or install the Meta Quest Mobile App, as it cannot be used for setting up a Meta Quest for Business device.
  1. If your device hasn’t already been enrolled by an admin, select Connect to your organization on the pairing screen.
  2. Select Continue to connect to your organization.
  3. Note down the 8 character code on your screen.
  4. Go to on your computer or phone.
  5. Enter the device code you noted down.
  6. Log in with the managed Meta account emailed to you by your organization.
    • If you haven’t activated your account, you will need to set a password and agree to the terms and conditions to continue.
  7. Return to your headset to continue and connect to your organization's device management.
If the device you’ve set up is in Individual Mode, then you’ll need to create a Meta Horizon profile. If the device is in Shared Mode, then the device will reboot and when it has turned back on, the first screen will confirm that the device is in Shared Mode. The managed Meta account you logged in with will also be removed from the device. Learn about the difference between Individual Mode and Shared Mode.
Medium or high complexity passcodes are not supported if your Meta Quest device is managed using Ivanti Neurons for MDM or VMware Workspace ONE UEM.
Meta Quest device management
Admins can view headsets connected to the organization in Managed devices in Admin Center.
If your admin has turned on enrollment lock, then you can only set up your Meta Quest 2 or Pro if it has already been enrolled (or added to the allow list) by your organization.
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