Networking requirements for devices enrolled in Meta Quest for Business

Domains used by Meta Quest for Business
For Meta Quest headsets and other devices (desktop, mobile phones) to connect to Meta Quest for Business, ensure that all traffic to the following domains (including subdomains) and ports is unblocked and enabled for your company networks:
  • 80/443
  • 80/443
  • 80/443
  • 80/443
  • 80/443
You may also need to add app-specific URLs to your network allowlist to ensure that all required endpoints are reachable. These URLs need to be provided by the app developer.
Additional ports requirements
As well as ports 80/443, consider unblocking the following Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and User Datagram Protocol (UDP) ports so devices involved in your organization’s Meta Quest for Business can communicate with each other:
  • TCP: 3478; 3479; 8080.
  • UDP: 40003; 40005; 40007; 40008. We’d also recommend unblocking 50000-59999 for additional range.
IP ranges used by Meta Quest for Business
Facebook’s Autonomous System (AS) number AS32934 can be used to retrieve an accurate and up-to-date list of IP addresses of Facebook web servers. Using the command whois -h -- '-i origin AS32934' will return IPv4 and IPv6 subnets. This command should be run at least once a month to keep the IP addresses up to date.
This list of IP addresses is subject to change. Due to this, allowlisting by IP is not supported.

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